11 آوریل ، 2022

smart home and energy consumption – part 14

Urbanism Talks – Part 14 By: Solmaz Rezaei cities consume 60 to 80 percent of the world’s energy production. Most of this energy comes from fossil […]
8 اکتبر ، 2021

New cities and its challenges

New cities have always been created in different historical periods due to reasons that differ in each country or geographic region, which include various social, military, […]
20 دسامبر ، 2018

Child friendly city – by Dr.Solmaz Rezaei

By Dr. Solmaz Rezaei Head of research and consulting department One of the most important characteristics of a desirable urban space, beyond its physical role, is […]
22 فوریه ، 2018

Urban green space – By Dr. Solmaz Rezaei

By Dr. Solmaz Rezan Urban green space The impact of urban design on the social life of urban residents has always been the subject of many […]