29 دسامبر ، 2021

Child friendly cities

  Urbanism Talks – Part 9By: Solmaz RezaeiOne of the most important characteristics of a desirable urban space, is the ability to create areas of active […]
5 دسامبر ، 2021

Bicycle and urban transportation (English Version)

  Urbanism Talks – Part 7 By: Solmaz Rezaei In modern urban planning approaches, the use of low-cost, environmentally friendly and lively means of transportation play […]
9 نوامبر ، 2021

Urban lighting (English Version)

Light is a non-physical element of urban landscape that can have a great impact on the quality of space.
3 نوامبر ، 2021

Urbanism Talks – Part3: Urban Security

  Urbanism Talks – Part 3 By: Solmaz Rezaei Security is considered as one of the most important mental needs of individuals, so that in the […]